20 Years of Arrant Nonsense

Milton Keynes On Sunday, so much to answer for…


On Sunday 22 August 1998, my first ever music reviews column appeared in Milton Keynes On Sunday. Everything that’s gone wrong in the world since that date is, and I cannot stress this enough, entirely coincidental.

I stopped writing the music reviews in May 2012, and who knows, maybe one day I’ll dredge a few of them up again for this website. Not all of them though, there were 701 columns in the end and let’s be honest, this place is cluttered enough as it is. After that, I embarked on that really stupid idea of listening to every Top Ten single ever, in order. Remember that? God, I can be a pillock sometimes. Although this website currently stops at the end of 2016 I am actually still doing that because, as mentioned earlier, I’m not the most sensible of people.

Anyway, those music reviews set my career and life off into the direction I’m taking now, so I thought I couldn’t really let the moment pass without blowing my own trumpet. Sadly, there are two drawbacks to this otherwise excellent idea. First, I don’t own a trumpet and second, I have no musical skills of my own whatsoever, so the end result would probably sound something akin to an elephant attempting to do an impression of a washing machine. It’s good to have big ideas, but it’s always the little details that put the mockers on things, isn’t it?

So, I’ve decided to put something new together instead. Instead of wallowing in nostalgia and reprinting a load of old reviews, I’ve decided to look forwards and wallow in nostalgia by putting together a list of fifty songs I like. What’s more, because I can’t help making life difficult for myself there are a couple of catches. Nobody is listed twice, and the number on the list is also the highest chart position the song got to – that means the No.1 song isn’t necessarily my favourite of the 50. What’s more, these aren’t even necessarily my 50 favourite songs ever – they’re just songs I like. I doubt you’ll like them all, but you’re not me so I wouldn’t expect that. That said, if you are me or think you are… you have my sympathies. Right then, shall we begin? Let’s start at No.50